The Carolina Weddings Show Nitty Gritty

The Carolina Weddings show was a blast ! I thought I had an idea of what to expect. However, this was definitely an "aahhhaaa" moment.  Don Freedman and his entire group are amazing a created a one of a kind wedding show with a full array of vendors. Brides were excited and extremely pleased with what we had done at the Exquisite Style by Amy and Associates booth.

The day actually begins on Saturday for all of us vendors, set up day. In reality I had been planning this since last fall. I met with Don on a rainy day at Starbucks and decided to jump in the deep end . Gotta learn how to swim somehow ! So , months of work on everything from contracts, gift bags, models, banners, decorations, web designers, logo creation , rack cards, and long long hours and we were finally there and ready to go!

Through the huge entrance on the Pavilion of the Greensboro Coliseum my business partner Jennifer and I go , surrounded by the big dogs of Carolina Weddings. The Knot Magazine, The Winston Salem journal, and Belks. No pressure... Right ! Not to worry, my team of two had it all figured out . At least we thought. With only a little minor glitch we really had smooth sailing. The banner I was so thrilled about was missing the top left hole. We decided to get out the craft kit and use the green ribbon from the gift bags to hold the banner up on the back drop. Amazing little details like that made the booth more than I had imagined. All the black, white, and green came together like a dream. The "Wow" was definitely in the details. The green shag rug from Ikea probably was my favorite.Followed by the white and black brocade bench seat.  If I could suggest a detail no vendor should forget is the gift basket and gift bags. I was so happy to have so many girls interested in my services and to give them to opportunity to get a little thank you for taking an interest in the business I love .

Sitting pretty in the front of my booth were two beautiful brides. They were volunteers and I appreciated them more than they know. Ashleigh was my fashion bride. From her dark short faux hawk with a beautiful bird cage veil, and a spray of ruby feathers and white crystals in her hair, to her vanilla strapless fitted gown , she was stunning. She also wore fantastic leopard pumps, and long golden necklaces. Her makeup was created to emphasise her eyes. The smokey eye to an extreme, and a blush lip gloss that would tie her look perfectly together. She exceeded my wildest dreams. Taylor was my classic bride, in a beautiful crisp white ball gown, for the year 2010. Long blond hair half up and half down cascaded beautifully around her shoulders. She wore an ever popular tiara of crystals and classic diamond stud earrings. The newest trend  Taylor had in bridal lip color was a classic glamour red. Her eyes were lined heavily with liquid black eyeliner slightly beyond the outer corners of her eyes and an extra coat of mascara finished her look. God was smiling on us that day !

Jennifer was my eyes, ears, hands , or whatever else I needed her to be. She has become my VP. of  Exquisite Style by Amy and Associates. She stayed enthusiastic, positive, helpful, and energetic. Jennifer was the visionary for my table scape. She hand calligraphy's all of the tags on the gift bags, stamped my initials on the front and stuffed them with information folders. Information folders that she designed ! Then to top it all off, she baked us all cookies for the day of. I know I have a great team! In the upcoming year she may be who you speak with to schedule your appointments or help create your unique design and style for your wedding

We truly believed we would have about 50 brides to come and register with us. About a half hour in to the show , none of the 50 gift bags for brides were left ! Another hour later we were out of the additional 50 information folders and began to give out the rack cards and information sheets alone. 120 brides later we had a very, very exciting day!

I hopefully was able to connect with each person that stopped. I enjoyed seeing each and everyone of you. You are the reason I will continue to strive to create new and more beautiful looks for each and every wedding. Usually I feel like one of the family once we are at the wedding day. I find my self tearing up as the bride is leaving the room. Beaming as if we have been friends for life. I hope to be a part of as many of the ladies weddings as I can in the coming months and years. Please feel free to email, text, phone, or face book me . I will create a look that will give you exquisite style in your photos for years to come. I love weddings !

Thanks for checking out my blog and I will work to keep these posts up and my information coming. We are coming up with all kinds of new events for 2011 ! Look for my blogs on each individual wedding and a special post about the model shoots with Singleton Photography. Exquisite Style by Amy and Associates was picked to style and create individual looks for four models. Anything outside the box helps me rediscover my creative side. The true art of my business. Look for the pictures and details in the coming months !